Round III

Round III

A mini-conference is to be held in Berlin at which the 18 winners from Round II each present a 20-minute paper on their topic. The programme will also include professional papers given by the coaches and F2F talks as well as social and networking activities.

Day Two will include a specific number of 15-minute slots for early career researchers (pre-docs). This is not part of the speaker competition, but one step towards bridging the gap between the research community and the lighting design community.

The conference will be organised by VIA Events. The conference event is a warm-up gathering for PLDC 2019.
Round III will be held from 31. January to 1. February, 2019 at AEDES Architekturforum, Berlin/DE. Registration for the mini-conference will open shortly.

The semi-finalists for Round III in Berlin are:

Xiomara Alejandra Alfaro Acosta/CO/MX – Safe and sound above the ground: lighting plan to diminish aeronautical accidents during landing caused by light pollution close to airports and runways

Emma Beadle/UK – Children’s utopian visions of the city: co-designing lighting masterplans through play and exploration

Valeria Bencardino/IT/UK – Capturing the lost patterns of natural light and shadows inside the museum

Sudtida Benchahiransak/US – Shrinking the bubble: lighting design to reduce stress in densely populated spaces

Jessica Collier/US – Perception of metrics: the intersection of colour characteristics and qualities guided by preference

Svetlana Degtiareva/RU – Developing of sensory jacket, reflecting human emotions by bodily senses

Andrea El Osta/LB/IT – A world where not a single individual is left in the shadows

Katia Kolovea/GR/UK – Light as a medium to enhance communication in urban spaces

Valeriia Molodovskaya/RU – Design project of wearable accessorizes using energy efficiency technologies

Sangil Na/KR/AU – Lighting design for interplanetary environment

Ece Ozerdem/TR/US – Improve light, improve life in refugee camps

Egle Prokopaviciute/LT/UK – Light and empathy: Light as a guide to immersion in public spaces

Shashank Singal/US – Reclaiming urban canyons

Ana Tanveer/PK – Big questions, little answers: lighting for autistic people

Jennifer Tomkins/UK – The role of colour in a saturated world

Antonio Villegas Guiérrez/MX – The rising souls cemetery

Dieuwertje Vogt/NL – Lighting design for visually impaired people