Invited Keynote Speakers

Each session at PLDC is to be opened by an invited Keynote Speaker addressing all attendees of the convention. Keynote addresses are presentations from invited renowned lighting designers, architects, light artists, researchers, politicians, photographers or personalities from related fields.

The Steering Committee selects the Keynote Speakers according to market developments and trends, the latest research findings and/or exemplary lighting design or architecture.

Former Keynote Speakers include Howard Brandston, George Brainard, Davidson Norris, Chris Wilkinson, Alexander Rieck, Deborah Burnett, Philippe Rahm, Paul Marantz, James Carpenter, Kai-Uwe Bergman, Martin Lidegaard, Prof. Arnold Nesselrath, Michele Molé, Martin Bremer and Kathryn Gustafson who delighted the audience with their works and thoughts in the past events.