Partner City of Malmö

City of Malmö

We are happy to announce that the City of Malmö has accepted to be a Partner City of PLDC 2019.

Light is very important for making a city more understandable to its inhabitants, says Johan Moritz, lighting designer at the Municipality of Malmö. But for it to work, what is realised must be well planned.

Malmö is one of the few Swedish municipalities that has a full-time lighting designer within their own organisation. Johan Moritz has worked in that position for over 15 years and is very involved in projects where public environments are revitalised and expanded. To quote Johan Moritz: “Lighting in itself is not interesting. Unless the urban design has a good idea of ​​why it exists and why we are building the city, then it makes no sense to have light there either”.

According to Johan Moritz, lighting should be designed to emphasize, narrate and render visible the history and culture of the cityscape that exists. If this is not achieved by the lighting, he does not accept the installation as an appropriate solution.

Designing and realising lighting in the public realm is about working with city planners, landscape architects and architects to build a city that is legible and acceptable to residents, and to enhance the attractiveness of the city and support people’s feeling of safety to an optimum.