Round II

Round II

This involves the nominees from the different universities in Round I. The young designers will be asked to film a three-minute “elevator pitch” to convince a jury of six lighting professionals.

The professionals will evaluate all the films submitted by the universities and select the best eighteen to go through to Round III (conference in Berlin).
The winners from this round will be allocated an advisor to coach them to success. Winners, and therefore semi-finalists, will be announced on 13. September, 2018!

What is an “elevator pitch”? The chance to state the respective topic and explain in clear terms why it is important. The opportunity to sum up what your audience should understand and how you intend to get your message across. Any unique qualities the presentation could feature should be named.

The candidates are

Iris Ahn/US – Urban nightscape: perceived level of safety at Jacob Riis
Oktay Akanpinar/TR/DE – How NIR can affect Alzheimer disease
Amer Alchama/US – Colours and colourblindness
Xiomara Alejandra Alfaro Acosta/CO/MX – Safe and sound above the ground: lighting plan to diminish aeronautical accidents during landing caused by light pollution close to airports and runways
Shahabedin Zeini Aslani/IR/UK – Lighting schemes for historic sites: to create a space or to create a place – that is the question
Lucie Austen/AU – Illuminance in context
Angela Banner/US – Beyond interactive lighting
Delfina Barbato/IT – How light influences the perception of the exhibition space
Emma Beadle/UK – Children’s utopian visions of the city: co-designing lighting masterplans through play and exploration
Valeria Bencardino/IT/UK – Capturing the lost patterns of natural light and shadows inside the museum
Sudtida Benchahiransak/US – Shrinking the bubble: lighting design to reduce stress in densely populated spaces
Emilija Bendoriūtė/LT, Miglė Navickaitė/LT & Ugnė Miškinytė/LT – An emotional approach to the intuitive lighting
Paola Bernal/MX/US – Spatial perception of texture and associated emotions
Beatrice Bertolini/IT/UK – Urban lighting meets people. Social engaging lighting settings for Sustainable Cities
Luis Carrasquillo-Alicea/PR – Perception of hospitality and residential lighting across cultures
Marta Casarin/IT/US – Rhythm of light
Sean Casey/CA/US – Surface exitance: approach, method + application
Sara Marisa Castillo Flores/MX – From urban scale to human scale. The cities are what the facades say
Alejandra Cervantes Guerrero/MX – METROpollution-METROsolution: Light as a balance for the stress levels in the transport system
Deimantė Česokaitė/LT, Jurgis Judžentis/LT & Gabija Navickaitė/LT – What is more important in creating an emotion of intrigue/mystery? Light or shadow?
Elmy Zulema Chávez Romero/MX – Bonanza through natural light
Daria Chirimisina/RU – AETHER: creating audio visual performances throughout our own brain and emotions
Lukas Cironka/LT & Gantas Pruckus/LT – Passively lit interactive kinegram
Jessica Collier/US – Perception of metrics: the intersection of colour characteristics and qualities guided by preference
Raluca Dascalita/RO/UK – That meaningful light. A phenomenological approach to meaning in architectural lighting
Svetlana Degtiareva/RU – Developing of sensory jacket, reflecting human emotions by bodily senses
Chaya Sarah Dlinn-Aizner/IL – Lit by design 1.0
William Eatough/US – Stories of light and empathy: new approaches to Virtual Reality in lighting design
Liina Einla/SE/DE – More Vitamin D for people
Andrea El Osta/LB/IT – A world where not a single individual is left in the shadows
Daria Filatova/RU – The research of the system of assessing the quality of illumination in terms of safety and comfort
Alla Filippovich/JO – To understand means to feel
Ana Carolina Freitas Teixeira/BR/DE – Perception of light and colour in open air sculpture in Inhotim
Rubí Zacnité Gaspar Méndez/MX – Multifunction light. Cultural heritage and businesses
Gerda Gerulaitytė/LT & Raminta Maluškaitė/LT – Coziness of home light variousity
Maitreyi Seraphina Gogate/UK – Formal function – using the facade as a feature canvas
Victor Andrei Gómez Jaimes/MX – Light, culture and migration / Luz, cultura y migración
Christina Haraldseth/UK – How can a lighting designer use the concept of C2C in their projects?
Jonna Idsäter/SE – Lighting and Safety in Transit Environments. Does lighting affect perceived safety at subway platforms?
Min Young Kim/US – Light, colour and shadow – experiencing coloured light and shadow phenomena
Katia Kolovea/GR/UK – Light as a medium to enhance communication in urban spaces
Jonas Malmberg/SE – Is Human Centric Lighting really Human Centric in a classroom? A holistic evaluation of a HCL-system in a classroom
Eby Vincent Mathew/US – Evaluating immersive media representations of the lighted environment
Mary Grace Montemayor/PH/DE – Social Media Mapping for Urban Lighting
Valeriia Molodovskaya/RU – Design project of wearable accessorizes using energy efficiency technologies
Tania Pamela Morales Padilla/MX – Jet lag: transatlantic cabins
Sangil Na/KR/AU – Lighting design for interplanetary environment
Karolina Narbutaitė/LT, Rūta Kučytė/LT & Gabija Zinčiukaitė/LT – Dispersion through the window
Ece Ozerdem/TR/US – Improve light, improve life in refugee camps
Ipek Özmen/TR – Lightsick
Gerardo Pavón Pichardo/MX/DE – Increasing physical performance through the skin
Héctor Lara Pichardo/MX – The light will set you free: the light as a social regenerator for people in prison
Riku Pirtilä/FI – Health effects of daylight indoors
Jeremy Pivnick/US – Salutogenic Design – Design practices for human sustainability
Peteris Ponnis/LV/DE – Lighting design as a tool to save historical wooden architecture in Riga
Egle Prokopaviciute/LT/UK – Light and empathy: Light as a guide to immersion in public spaces
Chengyi Qin/US – The effect of light on perception of time in healthcare environments
Mariel Quevedo Rodríguez/MX – Industrial building into the museum: daylighting strategies at the University Museum of Science and Art
Martin Gerardo Roa Delgado/MX – Light and automation for the new generation
Viviana Rodriguez Ceballos/CO – Hospital infantil concejo de Medellín, colours and light
Elisa Rothenbühler/US – Remembering the future
Ailsa Rule/UK – Connecting long distance relationships through simple, tactile and discrete light messages
Samaya Ryrko/UK – An exploration of lighting in the narratives of health and well-being
Momena Saleem/PK/IT – Light can enhance social interaction of humans
Chloe Martina Salvi/IT/UK – The politics and poetics of luminosity: exploring light mediated intimacy and engagement with matter and materials
Viktorija Samokiš/LT & Kamila Voitechovska/LT – Lightshow and laser concert lighting
Julio Orson Sánchez Samiento/MX – Application of lighting design in psychiatric and psychological treatments
Shashank Singal/US – Reclaiming urban canyons
Essi Seiskari/FI/SE – Social life in the city after dark
John Sloane/US – Using multi-emitter LED light sources to improve low light colour quality
Ana Tanveer/PK – Big questions, little answers: lighting for autistic people
Jorge Efrain Tirado Ramos/MX – Welcoming lights: approaches for a lighting design recommended practice for refugee shelters. Case Study: Casa Mambré, Mexico City
Charikleia Tomara/GR/UK – Lighting as a craft: the relationship between design and craft in the realm of architectural lighting
Jennifer Tomkins/UK – The role of colour in a saturated world
Edith Angélica Vidal Saldaña/MX – Lighting flying tradition – Mexico City
Antonio Villegas Guiérrez/MX – The rising souls cemetery
Dieuwertje Vogt/NL – Lighting design for visually impaired people
Felipe Yrra de la Cruz/MX – Regulation of daylight usage in contruction regulations